Driving Directions & Map

  1. From the Los Angeles area, take Interstate 5 north to the Antelope Valley Freeway (Hwy 14).
  2. Follow state route 14 for approximately 31 miles and exit at the Angeles Forest Hwy / Pearblossom Hwy off ramp.
  3. Follow the Pearblossom Hwy until you come to the traffic signal at the intersection with Fort Tejon Road.
  4. Continue straight through the intersection - you are now on Avenue T. When you reach the first traffic signal at 87th Street, turn left.
  5. As you head north, 87th will become 90th Street. When you reach Palmdale Blvd., turn right.
  6. Continue east on Palmdale Blvd. for 7 miles and turn left onto 160th Street. (Watch the street signs - 160th is small and easy to miss.)
  7. Go north to the stop sign at Avenue Q. The main gate to Blayney Ranch is on Avenue Q just west of this intersection. For the movie gate, turn left and follow Avenue Q for 1/4 mile.

The driving distance to Blayney Ranch from the Interstate 5 / Hwy 14 interchange is approx. 50 miles.