Blayney Ranch History

The area now known as Blayney Ranch has been used for filming in the Antelope Valley since the 1950's. Scenes from the classic horror film "Them" were filmed here as well as major motion pictures like "The Flintstones - Viva Rock Vegas". Television shows and short films have used our terrain to represent such distant lands as Isreal and Afghanistan. Many commercials and music videos have also chosen Blayney Ranch for its unique and picturesque rock formations.

In addition to the natural scenery the ranch also has a horse corral and some sheds. Currently there are several horses on the property.

This land has been owned by the Blayney family since 1977. The ranch was operated by J. Leonard Blayney from 1977 until 1999 when he handed control over to his sons Stephen and Randall. Upon Leonard's passing in 2003, Stephen and Randall became the owners of Blayney Ranch and continue to protect its natural beauty and preserve it for filming and photographic productions.