Rules and Regulations Agreement

1. Vehicles must remain on designated roads unless otherwise authorized by on-site representative.

2. Removal of any living vegetation without permission is prohibited.

3. All materials brought onto BLAYNEY RANCH must be removed by the conclusion of the project.

4. The landscape must be returned to the condition it was in prior to filming. (i.e. holes filled in, fences restrung, etc.)

5. Smoking must be confined to an approved location and adequate containers for smoking debris must be available.

6. No alcohol or firearms (other than props) are allowed on BLAYNEY RANCH.

7. The owners or representatives of BLAYNEY RANCH reserve the right to require the presence of authorized FIRE personnel, at the production company's expense, whenever it is deemed necessary by the on-site representative.

8. All production company employees and their representatives or agents must remain in the vicinity of the filming and may not engage in recreational hiking on BLAYNEY RANCH.

9. The production company must provide proof of insurance before access to BLAYNEY RANCH is allowed, and RANDALL BLAYNEY must appear as a “Certificate Holder” on the policy.

10. Photos taken of production company activities by on-site representatives may be used for promotional purposes for BLAYNEY RANCH.

Production Company

Authorized Rep.

Representative's Phone

Date Signed

By submitting this form the Production Company agrees to all terms and conditions within the Blayney Ranch Rules & Regulations Agreement.