Ready to reserve Blayney Ranch for your production? Follow these steps:

  1. Contact us by email, phone or text to verify the ranch is available on your prospective dates.
  2. Complete the "Filming Information" form found under the "Forms" tab.
  3. Email us a copy of your insurance showing "Randall Blayney / Blayney Ranch" as a certificate holder.
  4. Provide payment. We accept the following:
    • Cash
    • ACH, Venmo and Zelle transfers.
    • Company and personal checks if received 7 days or more before the first filming day, Cashier's checks required if less than 7 days. All checks must be made payable to "Randall Blayney" NOT Blayney Ranch.

All fees must be received by Blayney Ranch no less than 48 hours prior to the first requested access date.

Refund Policy

Location and site rep fees will be refunded at 50% if you cancel your reservation three days or more before your first scheduled access date. There are no refunds of any fees if cancelled less than three days before your first scheduled access date.

Rescheduling Policy

If you need to reschedule your filming day(s) due to weather related issues, you may do so once without incurring additional fees. The rescheduled day MUST be within 7 days of your original date.

Any subsequent requests for rescheduling (including for weather) will result in the forfeiture of all paid fees.