Towing Services Policy

Much of Blayney Ranch is natural, unspoiled desert and as such, consists of soft and sandy areas not designed for vehicular traffic. Production and private vehicles can easily become stuck if they attempt to drive in any of these areas. Blayney Ranch representatives should be consulted before entering these areas.

If a production or private vehicle becomes stuck, it is the responsibility of the driver of that vehicle to extricate it. In doing so, any holes or tracks left by the vehicle or the extraction process must be filled in and the land returned, as close as possible, to it's original condition.

The driver may request the services of a Blayney Ranch representative to assist in the extraction of the stuck vehicle. Depending on the type and size of the stuck vehicle a tractor may be required. The following Tow Service rates will apply. Cash ONLY!

If a tractor is required: $100 per vehicle towed.
All others: $50 per vehicle towed.

Required Forms

The two forms below must be received by Blayney Ranch management prior to access being approved.

Filming Information Form

    If your special effect is not listed, please explain in the Comments section.

Hold Harmless / Rules, Regs, Towing Agreement

  • The above signed agrees to indemnify the BLAYNEY RANCH, including its owners, agents and employees (hereafter referred to as “Owner”) from and against any damages or loses of any nature whatsoever, including actions by third parties, caused by omissions of acts of the undersigned, his servants, agents or employees (hereafter referred to as “Undersigned”) unless such damages or loses are caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of Owner. Further, the Undersigned agrees to defend, indemnify and keep and hold the BLAYNEY RANCH, including its Owners, harmless from any and all costs, liabilities, damages or expenses (including but not limited to, the costs of any legal suits, fees or expenses) claimed by anyone by reason of injury to, or death of persons, or damages to, or destruction of property, including property of the Undersigned, arising out of the Undersigned's activities on BLAYNEY RANCH property unless such costs, liability, damage or expenses (including but not limited to, the costs of any legal suits, fees or expenses) claimed by anyone by reason of injury, death, damage, or destruction of property is caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of Owner.
  • 1. Vehicles must remain on designated roads unless otherwise authorized by the on-site representative. 2. Removal or trimming of any vegetation without permission is prohibited. 3. Altering of the ground (i.e. digging holes, trenches, building mounds, etc.) requires authorization from the BLAYNEY RANCH representative. 4. Damage to the surface of the land caused by heavy equipment (cranes, trucks, etc.) may require tractor work to repair and will incur additional charges. 5. All materials brought onto BLAYNEY RANCH must be removed by the conclusion of the project. 6. The landscape must be returned to the condition it was in prior to filming. (i.e. holes filled in, fences restrung, etc.) 7. Smoking is NOT allowed on BLAYNEY RANCH property. 8. No alcohol or firearms (other than props) are allowed on BLAYNEY RANCH. 9. The owners or representatives of BLAYNEY RANCH reserve the right to require the presence of authorized FIRE/SAFETY personnel, at the production company's expense, whenever it is deemed necessary by the on-site representative. 10. All production company employees and their representatives or agents must remain in the vicinity of the filming and may not engage in recreational hiking on BLAYNEY RANCH. 11. The drivers of any production or private vehicles that become stuck while on Blayney Ranch are solely responsible for extricating their vehicles. If the assistance of a Blayney Ranch representative are requested, the established towing fees will apply. 12. The production company must provide proof of insurance before access to BLAYNEY RANCH is allowed, and RANDALL BLAYNEY must appear as a “Certificate Holder” on the policy. 13. Photos taken of production company activities by on-site representatives may be used for promotional purposes for BLAYNEY RANCH.

In addition to the two forms above, we will also require a copy of your insurance showing "Randall Blayney / Blayney Ranch" as a Certificate Holder.