Please complete the "Filming Information" form so that a Blayney Ranch representative can provide you with a more accurate estimate of costs.

Use the "Base Camp Rental" form if you are only using our Base Camp and are NOT filming on our property.

If you intend to use our Base Camp, the Production company is required to provide security or other personnel to monitor ingress and egress through our perimeter gate while the gate is open.

We also require a copy of your insurance showing "Randall Blayney / Blayney Ranch" as a Certificate Holder.

Filming Information Form

    Over 44,000 sq. ft. (Additional fees apply)
    Catering and craft services trash only. No construction waste. (Additional fees apply)
    (Additional fees apply)
    If your special effect is not listed, please explain in the Comments section.

Base Camp Rental Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
What is the first date you will need our Base Camp?
What time do you need access to our Base Camp and when do you expect all vehicles to be off property?
How many vehicles (production & private) do you expect?
What is the name of the Production Company?
What is the project title?
Who do we contact regarding this production?
Will you be using our trash disposal service?(Required)
(Additional fees apply)
Will you be renting our Restroom Trailer?(Required)
(Additional fees apply)

NOTICE: Access Control Requirement

While renting our Base Camp area, you will be required to provide staff at the entry gate to control ingress and egress to the property at all times while the gate is open.