See what our past clients have to say about our location and staff...

"With a variety of looks; including Joshua Trees,  Blayney Ranch is definitely on my "go to" list when scouting for desert looks. Randall was a pleasure to work with and the shoot was a breeze."

Ivan Siebel
Location Scout / Manager
March 4 & 28, 2019

"It (Blayney Ranch) was an amazing location with many looks. (The site reps were) Great!"

Kris Bunting
Location Manager
August 7, 2019

"Lovely location with so many different rock formations and vantage points. I would highly recommend using this location. The owner Randall Blayney was super helpful and fun to talk to."

Doug Inglish
April 27, 2019

"Great location, so many looks in one place,
our 3rd time on the property. (The site reps were) nice & accommodating."

Gabi Ilioiu
August 28, 2019

"It was my second time filming at Blayney Ranch and it was a great experience, as per usual. I have no doubts that I'll be back to film there again and I will always recommend it as my first choice to anybody in need. Randall and his daughter were super accommodating and helpful."

Blase Biello
Executive Producer
July 11, 2019

"Working at Blayney Ranch was a delight. Great location with good production logistics. I will come back. Randall and his representatives made it super easy and ensured we had a smooth production."

Jonathan Bossle / GlamPR
July 16, 2019