Ranch Introduction

Join us on a brief 4 1/2 minute tour of the ranch and it's history.

All Types of Productions

This 1 minute video shows the variety of productions that have filmed on B.R.

Additional Photos

This 2-minute slide show presents additional photos of Blayney Ranch.

This drone video shows details of the area in the S/W corner of Blayney Ranch known as Falcon's Nest.

This drone video follows Pass Road, the main north-south road from Big Rock to Cliffhanger Pass.

This drone video covers the eastern ridge from the south to Danger Rock at the north end.

Grid & Elevation Maps

Use the coordinates on the grid map to locate the specific places on Blayney Ranch that you are interested in filming at. The red lines show our primary roads. Our main entrance the "Movie Gate", is located in grid D8. We have additional entrances at grids H8 and H1.

The Elevation map will give you an idea of how sloped the ground is on Blayney Ranch. The south/east corner is our lowest spot at about 2775' and our highest peak is 3251'. The ranch is 1/2 mile square.