Blayney Ranch has many different "looks" depending on where you are within our 160 acres of land. Below are some of the areas found on our magnificent property. Click on the photos to see more images of that area.

The Falcon's Nest

Found in the South-West corner of our ranch, Falcon's Nest is surrounded on three sides with our magnificent rock formations. Hard-packed roads allow for easy access to this area and a nearby spot is suitable for Base Camp.

Big Rock

One of our most photographed sites, Big Rock is easily accessible from the County road. From models to rock climbers, this spot has beautiful slabs of stone, a sheer wall and 360° of foot access. There are also several climbing anchors mounted on the top.

West Range

The Eastern slopes of the buttes make up the primary mountains along the western portion of our ranch. These have many canyons and dry riverbeds flowing out of them along with multiple rock outcroppings. This area also includes some of the sandier spots found on the ranch.

The Heliport

Near the base of the East Range on Blayney Ranch is a cleared circle about 85' in diameter. It is one of the most level spots on property. There are rocky buttes to the west and interesting rock pinnacles to the north. It is located very close to our main Base Camp area.

The Pass Road

This is our main road allowing access to the interior of the ranch. It begins at our southern boundary and climbs over Cliffhanger Pass. The road has many curves and dips along the way as it passes by the West Range. There is a secondary Base Camp area located near the upper well but it is limited as to the size and number of vehicles it can accommodate.

Danger Rock

Located just north of the Heliport, Danger Rock is a grouping of rock pinnacles that bring you close in to the formations. Great for campfire scenes and dialog when you don't want expansive views. It is close to the Base Camp.

The Runway

Named for a previous production that used this area to represent a desert landing strip, the Runway is one of our most remote locations. Found along our north boundary, this area is fairly level with lots of Joshua Trees and shrubs. Access is best from our North Gate but road conditions can vary due to erosion issues.

North Pass Area

Just north of Cliffhanger Pass is a region different from that on the south half of the ranch. Water erosion over the years has sculpted the land into a variety of channels and plateaus. Several productions have found this area to provide diverse photographic opportunities. This spot is a bit remote and vehicle access can be limited.

North Ranch

Without so many rock outcroppings, the North Ranch portion of our property is ideal for longer shots of just endless desert. Mountains, while still visible, look far off. The area is covered with natural bushes and Joshua Trees. Access is either through our North Gate or interior roads. This is a remote section and vehicle access is limited.

The Mine

Left by a previous production, this was to represent a mine entrance. Sadly, vandals destroyed it years ago. This location is found at the northern terminus of the Eastern Ranch, between Danger Rock and Cliffhanger Pass. The area has some dry stream beds and secluded spots among the rocks. This is another location where access can be limited.