Here are answers to some of our most common questions.

Are there restrooms available on Blayney Ranch?

No. You will need to supply your own restroom facilities.

Is there power available on Blayney Ranch?

No. You will need to supply your own power.

Is smoking permitted on Blayney Ranch?

No. Due to the extreme fire conditions no smoking is permitted on Blayney Ranch.

Can we dig holes, remove brush or build sets?

Yes. But all actions require permission from the Site Rep and the land must be returned as close as possible to it's original condition. Joshua trees however, are protected and may NOT be trimmed or removed!

Can vehicles and/or equipment be left overnight on Blayney Ranch?

Yes. However it is done at your own risk. Blayney Ranch is not responsible for damage or theft of anything left on our property AND additional fees will apply.

Are Special Effects allowed on Blayney Ranch?

Yes. But we may require the necessary safety precautions (water trucks, fire suppression equipment, safety personnel, etc.)

Are the filming hours restricted on Blayney Ranch?

No. Filming can take place at any time of day or night, but there may be some noise restrictions during over-night hours.

Is there company and crew parking available on Blayney Ranch?

Yes, but limited. Due to the softness of the ground, larger production vehicles should remain on the primary, hard-pack roads. Parking for approximately 30+ smaller vehicles is available on the ranch.

What do I do if my vehicle gets stuck in the sand?

This is a fairly common occurrence when you don't remain on the established roads. The vehicle driver is responsible to extricate their vehicle. If requested, a Blayney Ranch representative may be able to assist but a service fee, based on the size and type of vehicle, will be charged for each vehicle removed from the sand. (See "Forms" page for details)

Is there any dangerous wildlife on Blayney Ranch?

Yes. Rattlesnakes, scorpions, lizards, coyotes, bobcats and other wildlife can be found on the ranch. Visitors should use caution when moving around the property.

Are there any dangerous plants on Blayney Ranch?

Yes. Several varieties of cactus are known to grow on the ranch and their thorns can be very painful. Also the Joshua trees are covered with sharp, bayonet-shaped leaves.